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Mossley Civic Society

A photo of Mossley Civic Society

In 1966, a year best known for England winning the World Cup, a group of stalwart citizens were so proud of their small town of Mossley that they determined to create an organisation which would observe, debate and aim to protect and celebrate the heritage of their community.

And so the Mossley Civic Society was born.

What do we do?

A photo of a talk at the centre

To celebrate our local heritage we share, listen, talk, display, present, teach, perform, write, collect, organise, stimulate, participate, explore and investigate.

We do whatever we can to keep Mossley Heritage in the collective consciousness of Mossley folk.

Who is in the Society?

A photo of some of the Civic Society members

All of this work has been done by a small group of local volunteers, some of who have been members for decades.

The committee consists of up to 14 members while the whole group numbers between 40 and 50, all of whom are passionate about Mossley.

What have we done?

  • Organised walks & trips to places of local historical interest.
  • Highlighted neglected areas.
  • Submitted plans for conservation areas.
  • Arranged presentations covering topics ranging from life in the workhouse to the meanings of old nursery rhymes.
  • Researched & analysed local history.
  • Worked closely with local schools.
  • Led protests (including processions, organising a flash mob and yarnstorming the market place!)
  • Joined Save Our Community Space initiatives.
  • Published trail leaflets.
  • Helped create a Blue Plaque Trail.
  • Created Mossley Heritage Trails.

Volunteering with the Society

Civic Society members can volunteer for the Heritage Centre rota, provide support during special events, link with school and community groups, offer specialist advice, attend presentations or simply be on our mailing list to support our projects.

Some illustrations of the area

Contact Dyllis on 01457 837 287 or fill in our volunteering form below if you want to get involved.

Volunteering form

Enjoy our events that celebrate Mossley

A photograph taken at our Extraordinary Women event

Photograph taken at our Extraordinary Women event.